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Oct 10th, 2013
Oct 10th, 2013
Oct 10th, 2013
Oct 10th, 2013

yogsecrets is coming back :)

Oct 10th, 2013

do you guys want this blog back? i can arrange that?

Jul 6th, 2013 Anonymous: [QUESTION] IS it just me or did the blog dissapear?

The blog did disappear. I was struggling with the amount of secrets that were getting sent in, I’ve had no time to do any. The blog will start again in a couple of weeks. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Jul 1st, 2013 supertemporal-end: No theme

okay thanks.

Jun 30th, 2013

can people see the theme on the blog? or is my computer being weird?

Jun 22nd, 2013 officialsment: what are the yogscast doing with their comments? sorry for sounding dumb x

they are stopping people from comment because people can make accounts with the same name with google+ and are asking for money.

Jun 22nd, 2013
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